Major US stock indexes completed the session without a single dynamic

The main US stock indexes ended the auction mixed in the background of Friday’s failure to vote in the US Congress on President Donald Trump’s bill on health care reform, which made investors doubt that he will be able to carry out tax reform.

In addition, as shown by data provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, business activity of Texas producers deteriorated significantly in March, recording the first drop in the last 7 months. In addition, the March value was lower than the experts’ forecasts. According to the report, the manufacturing index of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in March fell to 16.9 points from 24.5 points in February. Experts expected that the index will drop only to 22.0 points.

The cost of oil moderately declined on Monday amid uncertainty over whether OPEC will extend the agreement to cut production for the second half of the year. Pressure on oil also provided data from the company Baker Hughes. On Friday, Baker Hughes reported that from 18 to 24 March the number of active drilling rigs for oil production in the US increased to 652 units from 631 units. The latter value is the highest since mid-September 2015.

The components of the DOW index have mostly grown (18 out of 30). The shares of Chevron Corporation fell more than others (CVX, -1.52%). The leader of growth was the shares of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DD, + 1.28%).

Most sectors of the S & P index recorded an increase. The financial sector fell most of all (-0.2%). The leader of growth was the healthcare sector (+ 0.7%).

At closing:

DJIA -0.22% 20.550.66 -46.06

Nasdaq + 0.20% 5,840.37 +11.63

S & P -0.10% 2,341.61 -2.37