#bitcoin bull intact? “To the Moon” update.

#bitcoin bull intact? "To the Moon" update.

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Green MACD Histogram got off to a start with a peak in VOLUME OSCILLATOR ( Volume Oscillator not to LOG but Histogram Format with pink horizontal line added in to highlight zero) previous study needs to be set aside. Have included all such set-ups back to 2013. Have also included some RAYS of closing prices which I’m interested in keeping watch on from another study I’ve done but not published, as I think it’s too subjective.

Had to decided whether trend line should be drawn from the joining up of the last two fractal lows in which case trend line has been broken or wait for a fractal high followed by a fractal low to form the trend line . I have chosen the latter. After forming fractal low price could travel sideways a bit so may have to adjust the trend line with any sideways movement etc.